Carlos Roland

Carlos was raised in a community where only a lucky few used their minds for a living. Most people used their backs or hands.  His skill on the basketball court paid for college, but his fascination with economics and business led him to make more slam dunks off court than on, and his stats now include decades of retail, advertising, and marketing success.

Carlos says, “My job is making your media campaign succeed.  It’s a bigger thrill with more adrenaline and sweat than winning a championship game.  Winning for others fires me up.  I’m a research pit-bull.  I don’t turn loose until I understand.   The head of the Economics Department at Florida A&M University told me a degree in Economics “won’t keep you out of the bread line, but at least you’ll know why you are there.”  These days I think a large part of success is understanding why things happen the way they do and moving fast enough to be strategically well ahead of what’s coming.”

When you team with Roland Marketing, you harness that intellectual tenacity and strategy.

Sam Kelly

Sam is an award winning nationally syndicated radio personality with an audience of more than one million.  She is the voice of Nordstrom, Symantec, and Princess Peach.  She has done voices for Amazon Fresh, Backyard Sports video games and Washington Mutual.  When you team with Roland Marketing, you get national equity and award winning writing that can take your business to the next level.  Sam’s greatest role is being a Christain, Carlos Roland’s wife, and business partner.

Kathryn Courtney

Kathryn has spent the last 12 years in an entangled dance with the internet.  Fascinated by its power to make both business and society stronger and more effective with each innovation and its simultaneous tendency to invite distraction, Kathryn has earned a reputation for leading clients to practical, resourceful, and creative digital strategies.  She has a balanced focus on big picture goals and the details that make them happen.  Kathryn has led teams, projects, and campaigns large and small for diverse clients like Russell Investments, Hachette Book Group (formerly Time Warner Books), Microsoft, Amazon, and The Old Globe Theater.

Kathryn can play exactly one song on the guitar.

Larry OstromLarry Ostrom

Larry has always loved playing and enjoying life. As he chose his profession, he turned fun into more fun, by getting paid for what he loved to do – videography, editing, motion graphics, 3D animation, and anything electronic! He is an avid Apple fan! His fun-loving and patient nature, his attention to detail, and his ability to focus without fluster, has helped him build a reputation of creativity and excellence over the last 20 years. His list of clientele includes national and international companies like T-Mobile, Starbucks, Pure Fitness, Rena Ware International and a host of other local businesses. Vanguard University, in Southern California, helped him sharpen his skills.

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